All of the holidays you’re about to discover include fully escorted tours, giving you the opportunity to do so much more than simply see the iconic sights of a destination. Bursting with bucket-list wildlife moments, cultural encounters and world-famous sights, our escorted tours empower you with the confidence to explore new places that you might have believed were once out of reach and to share amazing travel experiences with new-found friends.

We work with trusted tour partners who offer informative tour guides with genuine passion for the places they live, so you’ll get to know the destination in a really unique and authentic way. From the majestic phenomenon of Iguazu Falls, to the wildlife hidden in the dense landscapes of Ranthambore, the opulent palaces of India to the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef - our exciting land tours offer you a bespoke holiday experience and take you to some of the most famous natural and man-made wonders on our planet.


Wonders of South Africa: Garden Route, Safari & Cape Town

10 MAY 2023 | 10 NIGHTS
FROM £2,999pp

Explore the wonders of Africa on this memorable touring holiday where you’ll delve into the treasures of the famous Garden Route and experience the majesty of the African bush during a safari stay.


Ultra-Luxury Private
Jet Tour

22 JULY 2022 | 8 NIGHTS
FROM £8,999pp

Discover the exclusive world of private air travel as you enjoy an ultra-luxury Australian bucket list holiday, filled with incredible experiences that you’ll cherish forever.


India's Golden Triangle & Goa Stay

3 MARCH 2023 | 11 NIGHTS
FROM £2,199pp

Experience the vibrant colours, sights and sounds of this enthralling country during a series of immersive tours as you explore India’s Golden Triangle before experiencing the laid-back bliss of Goa.


Shimla Express & India's Golden Triangle

JAN-MAR 2023 | 12 NIGHTS
FROM £1,999pp

Experience the vibrant colours, sights and sounds of India during an iconic rail journey which explores the Himalayas, and a series of immersive tours that delves into the gleaming Golden Triangle.


Ultimate Australia Discovery: Indian Pacific, Great Barrier Reef & Rainforest Wonders

29 JANUARY 2023 | 15 NIGHTS
FROM £4,699pp

From the natural phenomenon of the Great Barrier Reef to the arid ochre landscapes of the Outback, discover the very best of Australia on this ultimate Australian discovery.


Flavours of South America & Iguazu Falls Explorer

FROM £2,899pp

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural surroundings of Iguazu Falls, experience the magic of Rio Carnival and explore the majesty of Christ the Redeemer on this ultimate South American adventure.


The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney & Wonders of the Rainforest

14 FEBRUARY 2023 | 11 NIGHTS
FROM £2,999pp

From marine life to the mountains, explore some of the world’s breathtaking natural wonders on this sensational Australian tour adventure, paired with hotel stays in Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney.


South African Adventure: Luxury Rovos Rail, Safari & Victoria Falls

14 FEBRUARY 2023 | 13 NIGHTS
FROM £5,999pp

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Africa on this incredible holiday where you’ll journey on board the most luxurious train in the world, experience the magic of safari and explore breathtaking Victoria Falls.


Niagara Falls, Independence day & North American Explorer

29 JUNE 2022 | 9 NIGHTS
FROM £1,599pp

From the captivating cascades of Niagara Falls to the iconic neoclassical monuments of Washington DC and Independence Day celebrations in New York City, immerse yourself in a series of North American tours.